Samsung Galaxy A42 5G: is it worth it?


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The Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is the first to officially reach the market –θήκες κινητών– and here is our review. In an effort to regain the reputation of the leading manufacturer in the mid-range, Samsung has already designed much of its next proposals in it.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Design

In stark contrast to any other company, Samsung insists for the third consecutive generation of devices to use practically the exact same exterior design. The only way to distinguish the A42 5G visually, is the different “Pattern” in the light reflections that its rear plastic surface has. Apart from the same external appearance, the smartphone continues to be made of plastic as a whole, a choice which, however, other manufacturers now do, but in their cheaper devices, which usually have something to offer in return.

One of the theoretical advantages of the A42 5G could be said to be its large 6.6-inch screen. But as we will see later, this screen comes with a very specific limitation that does not fit in the price category that belongs to the newer Samsung smartphone. Returning to the practical part, the A42 5G comes with a slot for wired headphones at the bottom, and next to the USB Type-C port, and at this bottom is its unique speaker. Samsung does not consider stereo sound to be something that should be offered to a smartphone at a cost of around 380 euros, definitely wrong.

If there is one particular advantage of plastic construction, it is to keep the weight low, for a smartphone that among other things has a fairly large capacity battery inside.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Screen

For many years, even though Samsung mid-range smartphones had specific shortcomings and weaknesses for their money, the company’s choice of an AMOLED display was enough for many to justify them.

But now, an AMOLED Panel is not considered an exclusive privilege of Samsung in the middle price range, and once again there are proposals from other companies that come with a display of this kind, and overall better color performance than those used by Samsung. One could say that the A42 5G as a whole, for the money it costs and with what it offers, at least on paper, its screen is absolutely satisfactory.

Since the A42 5G uses this screen, it may also have the fingerprint sensor built-in, which is technically not possible on an LCD Panel. This sensor remains slower than ideal in unlocking the smartphone, but its reliability has been significantly improved in order to be sure that it will not take a second attempt to unlock the A42 5G.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Cameras

The A42 5G is not trying to stand out in the field of photography, but it belongs to a category that this is rather expected. Its main camera uses a sensor made by Samsung itself and with a nominal resolution of 48MP. What has been improved compared to the A41, A31 and A51 is the lens in front of this sensor, which with its f / 1.8 aperture can now see significantly better lighting levels at night.

The photos that the A42 5G can take are the ones you would expect from a company smartphone. Colors are a little more intense in order to be more visually pleasing, but without exaggeration. The detail is satisfactory for the class, and the dynamic range does not pose a problem in difficult lighting conditions.

The A42 5G has a special Night mode, so that it can take decent photos during the night. The detail is expectedly reduced, while the color rendering is noticeably different. Unfortunately, the A42 5G follows the company’s logic in trying to take as bright a photo as possible in order to be more “impressive” even when the lighting level is higher than the real thing.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Processor

If there’s one “surprise” to the A42 5G, it’s the processor inside. For the first time in a long time, a company mid-range smartphone is not significantly weaker than its competitor with a similar selling price.

The Snapdragon 750G is Qualcomm’s second most economical solution with support for 5G mobile networks, and in its honor Samsung did not choose the immediately cheaper Snapdragon 690. The difference in performance is minimal, however it shows the policy of each company.The Snapdragon 750G is now “special” in technical characteristics, since inside it has two significantly powerful A-77 processing cores along with the now standard A-55 for more economical and lower performance.

These two A77s are more powerful than the two A76s of the immediately better Snapdragon 765G, and even clocked at 2.2 instead of 2.4 GHz they have the same or slightly better performance.In the field of graphics, Qualcomm has chosen to artificially limit the Snapdragon 750G and it is the field in which there is a real difference with the 765G. The Adreno 619 GPU is about 25% less powerful than the 620 and the difference is evident in more demanding games.

Here one can say that the lower 720P screen resolution of the A42 5G is an advantage since the difference in performance is reduced even more. If there is one more positive thing, it is the behavior of the Snapdragon 750G in continuous intensive use either for games or in general. The A42 5G can consistently maintain maximum performance, and battery consumption is relatively low.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Battery

Another advantage of the A42 5G that looks beautiful commercially but is not so much in practice, concerns its battery and more the charging process.

Samsung’s logic of looking for details in order to reduce costs is annoyingly evident in the 15W charging that the device supports. This is annoyingly slow in turn for a 5,000 mAh battery like the one the A42 5G has inside. By the end of 2020 a Smartphone should not take more than 1.5 hours to fully charge its battery, at a time when significantly lower cost devices offer up to 3 times faster charging.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G Conclusion

The A42 5G is a smartphone that if you look at it as an overall picture seems to be interesting for the money it costs. The company has used everything one expects in this category and is commercially attractive. From the AMOLED screen, the four cameras the large capacity battery and the support for 5G mobile networks.

But when one pays attention to the details, it is obvious that the company has tried to reduce costs from where it can in order to reach the level of its competition. From the lowest and unacceptable for the class, 720P resolution of this otherwise AMOLED screen, the 4GB RAM, the simply satisfactory performance of the camera and of course the funny slow charging of 15W for a large capacity battery.

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